Expert discussions, national records and new tools for export — how Kherson region was getting ready for the new law to come into force.

On July 18, the discussion panel devoted to organic issues “Organic: 15 days before the Law comes into force” was held at Agroport South Kherson.

The main topics discussed by the participants were:

  • Regulation of organic products market and organic production standards —new rules of the game;
  • Control of organic production in Ukraine —from the certification body to the consumer;
  • Falsification of organic products —it’s time to make things right;
  • Business and legislative regulation —mutual benefit or another challenge?


At the beginning of the discussion, Dmytro Tytarenko, Organic Export Promoter and General Manager of Agroport Ukraine, reminded the attendees that the Law of Ukraine “On Basic Principles and Requirements for Organic Production, Circulation and Labeling of Organic Products” would come into force on August 2.

“We face a situation where a lot of people sell the so-called “Eco” products, not even knowing what it is. I am curious to know what awaits them and consumers in the context of the new Law. Who will be outlawed, what will be the rules of the game on the market, what changes will occur?”, he asked.

Olha Trofimtseva, Acting Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food, noted that for those who work in the field of agricultural organic production, the changes in the new Law are very important.

“This Law which we call “organic” was adopted last year, and on August 2 it comes into force, but for its full implementation it is necessary to develop 12 regulatory acts. What is so critical about this Law for manufacturers? First of all, it is a point concerning the rights, duties, powers and responsibilities of public authorities — the participants of the organic products market. It is about introduction of two-level control on the organic market, which will be carried out by the State Service for Food Safety and Consumer Protection”, she said.

Also, the Acting Minister reminded that the new Law strictly regulates the requirements for the production, circulation, labeling and selling of organic products; also it proposes a mechanism for certification of organic production and creates public registers of market operators, certification bodies and organic seeds.

“Administrative liability is envisaged for violation of the Law”, Olha Trofimtseva added.


In turn, Volodymyr Lapa, the Head of the State Service for Food Safety and Consumer Protection, noted that the fate of modern “Eco” stores is a matter of control, which will actually start when the unified forms of reports for products inspection for compliance with the requirements of the Law will be approved.

“Such reports are already being developed and after their unification as well as after the establishment of the register of operators of the organic products market, it will be possible to plan controls. That means that a tool for making things right in this market is already in place”, Volodymyr Lapa said.

Volodymyr Bilyi, the Vice President of “Organic Ukraine” and General Director of NPP “5 Element”, also agreed with this statement and stressed that after the Law comes into force it is necessary to check everybody working in this market, as today there are so many types of certificates that any products can be sold as “Eco”.

At the end of the discussion, the participants addressed the issue of export of domestic organic products. Dmytro Tytarenko presented the most up-to-date analytics in this regard and a new tool for organic exporters —a Telegram bot BuyBioBot.

We recall that on July 18 another organic record was set at Agroport South Kherson 2019.