The national culinary record set at Agroport South Kherson 2019 aims at attracting attention to organic agriculture.

“The development of organic agriculture is one of the key topics of today’s Agroport in Kherson. Discussion panel “Organic: 15 days before the Law comes into force” deals with this topic. In order to attract even more attention to the issue of the development of organics in Ukraine, today, at Agroport South Kherson 2019, another national organic record was set”, Dmytro Tytarenko, Organic Export Promoter and General Manager of Agroport Ukraine, noted.


“By the way, mors itself received the organic certificate from “Organic Standard”. It was made together with our partners — chefs from the Western Chef Group, along with whom we already have a lot of culinary achievements, including our first organic record — porridge with meat. This is the third national record set within Agroport. Last year, local chefs made 407 kg of salad with cabbage, onions, carrots, tomatoes and herbs”, Dmytro Tytarenko reminded.


The record arranged by Organic Ukraine, Agroportex.Bio, Western Chef Group, certification body Organic Standard LLC, TM Famberry of the individual entrepreneur Olshanskyi S.M. and Deddens Agro LLC, was registered by the representatives of the National Register of Records.