Agrofirma Pole LLC (LTD)

POLE Agrofirma LLC

Agrofirma “POLE” (Field) Ltd. is specialist in production of high-quality organic hulled millet with which company have made its name on the European market. Company is a reliable supplier of quality organic and conventional crops: cereals, pulses and oil-seeds oriented to national and international markets.

Quality control of product is carried out by attested own production laboratory and by respected European laboratories.

In 2016 the company has been certified according to FSSC 22000.


Organic Products:

Копия-A-02,-D-04_grainsCereals, pulses:

Barley grain, Buckwheat grain, Durum Wheat Grain, Hulled barley, Hulled oat, Hulled spelt, Millet grain, Pea grain, Rye grain, Shelled barley grain, Shelled oat grain, Soft Wheat Grain, Spelt grain, Chickpeas grain, Lentil grain, Oat grain, Shelled Pea grain, Split Peas

Копия-A-02,-D-04_grainsOil crops:

Soybean grain, Flax grain, Mustard grain, Rape seeds, Sunflower seeds

Копия-A-02,-D-04_grainsGroats, sugar:

Cracked hulled millet, Hulled millet


Milk pasta “Filini vermicelli”, group A, 1st class, Milk pasta “Fusilli”, group A, 1st class, Milk pasta “MALTAGLIATI”, group A, 1st class

Копия-A-02,-D-04_grainsFlour dust:

Grains waste, Millet shells, Millet shells and meals mixture



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