Agroecology PE

Producer of agricultural products


Organic Products:

Копия-A-02,-D-04_grainsCereals, pulses:

Buckwheat, Chick-pea, Corn, Lentil, Millet, Oats, Oats naked, Rye, Soybean, Spring barley, Spring hard wheat, Spring wheat

Vetch, Winter wheat

Копия-A-02,-D-04_grainsOil crops:

Brown flax, Golden flax, Mustard, Sunflower, Sunflower high oleis


Buckwheat flour, Corn flour, Rye flour, Wheat flour (spring wheat), Wheat flour (winter wheat)

Копия-A-02,-D-04_grainsPorridges, flakes:

Oat flakes

Копия-A-02,-D-04_grainsGroats, sugar:

Artek wheat groats (winter wheat), Buckwheat groats, Buckwheat groats ground, Corn groats, Fine ground barley, Hulled millet, Oat groats, Pearl barley, Wheat groats (spring wheat)


Flax seed oil, Mustard oil, Soybean oil unrefined non-winterized, Sunflower oil

Копия-A-02,-D-04_grainsFlour dust:

Buckwheat husks, Rye husks, Wheat husks (spring wheat)

Копия-A-02,-D-04_grainsCrumbled cake:

Soybean cake, Sunflower cake



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